Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Logan's Candies!

This is a popular field trip during the holidays.  I would see it pop up each year and hear people raving about it.  So I was determined to go this year.  I have to say the procedure for securing a demo date is similar to making arrangements for a secret spy rendevous.  :-)  First, you call in July to get your instructions, then you send a postcard in August with all of the pertinent information.  Then you get a phone call in October.  That is when you actually choose your date & time.  And, then, you finally call back two weeks before your date to finalize your numbers.  Hijola!  And now I can say it's worth it. :-)

First of all, we had dinner at Vince's Spaghetti, a perfect spot for a big crowd.  They had no problem seating 16 people.  And by a miracle, we all arrived at the same time. (Photo by Kohl Tabori)

A handsome dad at Logan's.
(Photo by Kohl Tabori)

Our gigantic group enjoying the candy cane making demo.

Both colors of the candy cane start out the same, then color is added to the red part.

To make the white part, the candy is pulled over and over again.  It's amazing how it turns white with air is mixed in. (Photo by Kohl Tabori)

After the colors are arranged on the candy, the puller cuts off a small length to be bent into shape.

Freshly made candy canes!

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