Sunday, August 28, 2011

Free archery classes!

Free archery classes are every Saturday at El Dorado Park (except for holiday weekends). First time you must take the safety class, taught at 12pm. Sign up by at least 11am because it fills up fast. They supply all equipment.

The archery range is off Spring St., north side, across the street from the nature center.  Parking fee is $7/car, annual pass is $40 (purchase at the nature center).  To avoid the parking fee, you can park in the neighborhood just west of the park.

Participants must be 8yrs old at least.

After you pass the safety class, the beginner class meets at 11am. You achieve a score of 100 to move onto the intermediate (at 10am).

The instructors are dedicated volunteers, very patient and knowledgeable.

For more info: Aletha Donathan, Head Archery Instructor at (562) 688-9666.

For regular classes, contact Janet Dykman.  Ms. Dykman is a 3 time Olympic archer.
Children must be at least 8 years old.  The first five weeks is geared toward getting the student to shoot safely and consistently while the sixth week is a private fun shoot for the class with fun activities.  The cost for the session is $75, but you can save $20 by prepaying the $55 before the first class.  Class fee includes all instruction, equipment use in class, program folder, and fun shoot.  Class members also have practice privileges and equipment use at the other class times for Int./Adv. archers on Wednesday & Thursday

Want to learn to shoot, but need flexibility and can't commit to six consecutive weeks?  Save $15 off the daily rate by buying a six class punch card for $75 and use it any day class is being held.

If you have questions call Janet @ 626.242.8870 or email to

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